Star Trek. Chris Pine vs Zachary Quinto. Kirk vs Spock

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Star Trek. Chris Pine vs Zachary Quinto. Kirk vs Spock. Who do you prefer? Two different ways of understanding human behavior.

Review by Isabel del Rio. Read here

Star Trek into Darkness


Zombies. How To Survive Them? Basic Ten Tips on Yareah Magazine

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Zombies history and tips to survive by Ignacio Zara. Read here

The Walking Dead TV series

From Andy Warhol to Lady Gaga. Pop Color and Ambition

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Now that Lady Gaga, the queen of Pop, has released her last single ‘Applause’ with a cover full of colors and it nears the Top 10 after only one day on sale, the shadow of the prince of Pop couldn’t be silent.

Read article and videos on

Applause by Lady Gaga

Make Money and Get Rich at home

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Read here:

Portulacaria afra

Feng Shui. Improve your life while decorating

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Feng Shui. Improve your life while decorating and be happy at home surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere. Art is up to you!

Read article:

Feng Shui

Kate Moss. Childhood Success and Wishes

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Kate Moss came second on the Forbes top-earning models list last year. Wonderful! And she has her own line of clothes. However, her controversial private life, high-profile relationships and drug use made of her a problematic figure. Who is the real Kate?

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Zombies, demons, horror movies. Latest news

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New anthology of horror movies. Sinister Visions. Released on August 13

Read article and see trailer on Yareah Magazine:

Sinister Visions movies

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