Martin Cid a writer

Proud ( and excessive) pipe smoker, virulent talker, quasi-abstemious, his spacious presence has had the bad taste to fill the nights in Madrid with puffs for more than ten years.

Writer and author of three novels and an essay, it stays admirer of Jack Daniel’s.

‘Ariza’, his first published novel, written with Isabel del Rio, it tells the Medina family history and its two realities: one metaphoric travel through the time and a real travel by train through the Central Plateau of Spain.  ‘Ariza’ is magic and time, and symmetry in this eternal search for truth.

Prodigious drinker of absinthe.

‘A Century of Ashes’, author’s first novel published in solitary, it goes back of the Old South of the United States and tells a story of hatred and violence, of mixed feelings, of arrogant men and ruthless women. Told with humor, however it brings us to the darker side of the human being: from the greatness to utter pettiness.

Magnanimous brandy taster.

‘Eminescu’s 7 Sins’ is inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. It recounts the torments of a poet, up to the madness or sanity: if we are speaking about literature, we never know the border.

Quasi-religious French champagne gourmet.

‘Propaganda, lies and editing’ is a foray into the land of thought and the influence of propaganda in film and in the social and ethical norms of our society.

He has also written in the media and as a literary curiosity: he has invented his own cocktail.

He has given numerous lectures about Kabbalah, cinema, arts… and it is possible, if we ask in advance, that he can speak about James Joyce, his favorite author.

He dedicates himself completely to literature and he has never worked (or will)… in something else than the literature.

You can usually see (and hear) him in the bars in Madrid. They say he has already paid the studies of the children of several bartenders.

First Prize of Jérez Short Stories, 2009

Prize Café Compás with the Short Story ‘Leviathan’

Prize Short Story Dante Aliguieri, 2007

Editor of Yareah magazine.