Martin Cid

Martin Cid was born in Oviedo (Spain), in 1976. He has publised two novels “Ariza” (2008, Alcalá Publishers) and “Un Siglo de Cenizas” (2009, Akron Publishers), and an essay “Propaganda, Mentiras y Montaje de Atracción” (editorial Akrón, 2010).
Los “Siete Pecados de Eminescu” is another novel that everybody can download for free:
He goes deeply into broken characters, facing their souls. A new myth is appearing from a text based on ancient and foreign civilizations, languages and crossed masks, reflections among fiction and real life. Past rewrites present as present overwrites past. It is a world composed of lilts, whispers and foggy sounds. The legacy of the literary context creates a story under the story, sculptures from any other world.
He was the editor of the bilingual magazine Yareah.

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